The Inbox Management Training Course That Will Change Your Life

inbox management training course

When it comes to, well, anything…we need to be trained in best practices and workflows so we can do our jobs correctly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a programmer or a junior customer service representative (though they have drastically different requirements and levels of training), everyone needs to be trained on how to do their job properly.

Take the customer service rep for instance. Without properly logging the customer interactions, there’s no way to track progress, collect data, or improve processes, which could result in the business going under due to anything from lack of innovation to inattention to detail.

The scope of these jobs, too, requires not only the proper use of certain types of software, but proper management of said software. Without careful attention to detail, data becomes disorganized, difficult to find, and anything but helpful to the job at hand.

So if organization and proper time management to ensure organizational processes are so important to our ability to do our jobs properly, why aren’t we paying an equal amount of attention to our email as we do our CRM software or an excel spreadsheet? Oftentimes, we’re either communicating or sharing this very information within our emails, so doesn’t it make sense that email is an extension of every process and organizational tool we need to be successful professionals? 

And if email is so important, and there are several features and applications we can incorporate into our email workflow, doesn’t it make sense that we’d want to be trained on how to properly use our email and workflows? 

Don’t we need proper inbox management training courses too?

Sure, we can go the painful route of trial and error: clicking every button in a haphazard way and hoping we get the results we desire…but why waste a single minute of our time when instead we could be given a straightforward and informative guide that eliminates any of the guesswork and cuts right to the chase? Seems silly when time is our most valuable resource, right? 

That’s why it makes sense to get the proper training and learn how to thoroughly and effectively utilize all of the important tools within email platforms to be efficient professionals. 

The ARTT Email Productivity Course does precisely that.

There’s no more guessing as to what certain buttons do, or how to take an email and convert it into a calendar meeting then share it with others in as minimal steps as possible. The best part is this course goes even further than that. ARTT gives you a methodical approach to your email that creates a repeatable, time-saving process to ensure you don’t waste a single moment of your day.

If you had to choose, would you rather spend an hour after dinner reading and responding to emails you didn’t get to during the day? Or would you rather spend that with friends and family, engaging in your favorite hobby, or going to that cooking class you’ve been wanting to take for a few months?

It seems obvious when it’s proposed that way, but without following a process like ARTT, you’re choosing the former by default.

I want to change that for you.

When you sign up for ARTT, you’ll learn time-saving techniques within Outlook primarily; however, the concept is platform-agnostic. It’s about teaching your human habits connected to technology. But I don’t expect you to just take my word for it. I want to show you how easily you can incorporate ARTT into your life and save precious time in your day. Sign up for this free 45-minute webinar and I’ll help you learn how to feel in control of your inbox, be more responsive to important collaborators, and reduce your anxiety and stress. 

The time to take back your time, your day, your life…is right now.

Are you ready to go on that journey with me?

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Email Productivity with ARTT™

The ARTT™ Email Productivity Service will help you take control of your inbox and let you decide how YOU want your day to go. No more working against a never-ending email to-do list. It is time for you to master the ARTT™ of email.