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Legal Mastermind Podcast: Applying the ARTT Method to Organize Your Emails , , , artt email organizationgmail outlook
Outlook: Unsubscribe to Emails
, delete unsubscribeoutlook
Outlook: Saving Template Emails in Folder
, folder templateoutlook
Outlook: Reference Actionable
, archival referenceoutlook
Outlook: Delete or Archive Folder After a Period of Time
, , archival delete folderoutlook
Outlook: Copy Calendar
, , calendar copies how-to
Outlook: Calendar Overlay
, calendar how-tooutlook
Gmail: Filtering and Unsubscribing
, email filtersgmail
Gmail: Close Labels
, folder labelgmail
Gmail: Fully Set Up ARTT System Example/Walkthrough
, artt walkthroughgmail
Outlook: Fully Set Up ARTT System Example/Walkthrough
, artt walkthroughoutlook
Outlook: Auto-Send an Email to a Folder With a Rule Examples
, , , , auto auto-send folder rules sendoutlook
Outlook: Rules, Advanced Options, Notifications
, , , advanced notification options rulesoutlook
Gmail: Filter Emails to Reference-Archival Folder
, filter reference-archivalgmail
Gmail: How to Adjust Filters
, , adjust filter how-togmail
Gmail: Auto Filters
, , auto auto-filter filtergmail
Gmail: Filters (and Labels)
, filter labelgmail
Gmail: Archiving Emails
, archive archivinggmail
Gmail: Moving Emails, Move To / Labels (Careful of Copies in Inbox)
, , , copies label move move-togmail
Gmail: Moving Emails, Drag and Drop
, , , drag drop email movegmail
Gmail: How NOT to Use Filters
, , , filters how how-to notgmail
Outlook: Dual Monitors Suggestion
, , dual dual-monitors monitorsoutlook
Outlook: The Bell, Features, and Time Zones
, , , bell features time time-zoneoutlook
Outlook: Client Meetings and Appointment Invitations
, , , appointment client invitations meetingsoutlook
Outlook: Sarah’s Process_How to Assess and Adjust Calendars Using Color Categories
, , , , adjust calendar categories category coloroutlook
Outlook: Change Default Calendar Color
, , , change change-color color defaultoutlook
Outlook: Calendar Categories and Colors Overview
, , calendar categories colorsoutlook
Gmail: Methods of Deleting
, , delete methods waysgmail
Gmail: How to Batch Delete Messages
, , batch delete how-togmail
Outlook: How to Customize Outlook Today
, , , customize how-to outlook todayoutlook
Outlook: How to Easily Clean Out Deleted Items Folder
, , , , clean deleted folder how-to itemsoutlook
Outlook: Methods of Deleting in Outlook
, delete how-tooutlook
Outlook: Inbox_How to Batch Delete Messages
, , batch delete inboxoutlook
Gmail: The Catch-All Tracking Folder for Misc Emails
, , , , , all catch folder misc miscellaneous trackgmail
Gmail: Track Emails with Sent Box
, sent trackgmail
Gmail: Track CC/BCC Emails with Tracking Folders
, , , bcc cc folder trackgmail
Outlook: CC/BCC and How to Organize Sent Box
, , , bcc cc organize sentoutlook
Outlook: Track Emails with Sent Box
, sent trackoutlook
Outlook: How to Track Emails
, how-to trackoutlook
Outlook: Tracking Email Folders
, track trackingoutlook
Gmail: How to Create Calendar Events With Time-Specific Emails
, , , calendar email events time-specificgmail
Gmail: Delayed Action Email Folders
, , action delay foldergmail
Outlook: Two Ways to Turn Email Into a Calendar Entry
, calendar emailoutlook
Outlook on PC: Total Number of Items Walkthrough Example
, , items pc walkthroughoutlook
Outlook on PC: How to Turn on Show Total Number of Items
, , items pc turn-onoutlook
Outlook for Mac or Web: Action Folder vs Archival Folder, Unread vs Read
, , , , , , action archival folder mac read unread weboutlook
Outlook: Action vs Archival Folders for the Same Client
, , , action archival folder same-clientoutlook
Outlook: Creating Archival Inbox for Organization
, , archival inbox organizationoutlook
Outlook: Reference-Archival Folder Cleanup
, , archival clean-up referenceoutlook
Gmail: The Filing Cabinet Organization Process
, filing-cabinet organizationgmail
Outlook: How to Create High-Level Reference-Archival Categories
, , archival categories referenceoutlook
Gmail: How to Set Up High-Level Reference-Archival Folders
, , archival folder referencegmail
Outlook: How to Turn Off Notifications
, , , how-to notifications off turn-offoutlook
Outlook: Add-On, Turn On Live Calendar
, , , , , add calendar live live-calendar on turn-onoutlook
Outlook: How to Turn Off Reading Pane
, , , , , how-to off pane reading reading-pane turn-offoutlook
Outlook: How to Turn Off Message Preview
, , , , how-to message off preview turn-offoutlook
Gmail: How (and Why) to Reduce White Space
, , , , , , how-to off reduce space turn-off white white-spacegmail
Gmail: How to Turn Off Notifications
, , , how-to notifications off turn-offgmail
Gmail: How to Turn Off Reading Pane
, , , how-to pane reading reading-panegmail