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stressed by emails

Stressed by Emails? Learn How to Rise Above and Change Your Life

Some people loved going to school. Maybe not specifically the tests and the homework, but the world of academia as a whole. It’s a place where ideas can be exchanged. A world where you’re exposed to new thoughts and frameworks that challenge you to be a better version of yourself by pushing the boundaries of what you believe through the exploration of what is possible. But no matter where you stand on school, when you get into the real world, you realize that a lot of the same structures and patterns of the educational institution were designed to get you ready for a career, for work…

take control of your email

The Easiest Way to Take Control of Your Email

Imagine you’re getting into bed, exhausted from a hard day’s work… Then ¡BAM! you’re jolted awake and you ask yourself, staring wide-eyed into your ceiling fan, “did I respond to that email?” If that scenario resonated with you, or it made you sigh in empathetic frustration, you’re not alone. Email anxiety is a real problem many professionals face. But luckily I know the easiest way to take control of your email…

How to prioritize so many emails at work

How to Prioritize Your Overwhelming Work Emails

It’s far too easy in our modern world to get distracted, move from one task to another, and forget to follow through on what we set out to do originally… By following the guide below, you’ll find yourself having a much easier time knowing how to prioritize “so many emails” at work, and stay productive at the same time. Before you know it you’ll find yourself consistently living in the blissful Nirvana of Inbox Zen, and knowing how to prioritize your overwhelming work emails.

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How to Shift Your Mindset and Reduce Email Stress

Over the years, psychologists, gurus, and mental health professionals have discovered numerous techniques to combat stress-inducing anxiety. But in a world filled with so many legitimate issues and concerns, emails shouldn’t be adding to that worry. This guide will get you started down the right path, and show you how to shift your mindset to reduce email stress.