inbox management training course

The Inbox Management Training Course That Will Change Your Life

If organization and proper time management to ensure organizational processes are so important to our ability to do our jobs properly, why aren’t we paying an equal amount of attention to our email as we do our CRM software or an excel spreadsheet? And if email is so important, and there are several features and applications we can incorporate into our email workflow, doesn’t it make sense that we’d want to be trained on how to properly use our email and workflows?  courses too?

distracting work environment

How Your Inbox is Creating a Distracting Work Environment

Think about this – you’re at work, and you’re looking through your inbox. You’re on the first email, and it’s taking up a lot of your focus, but then another email pops in and it draws you away from what you were doing…do you think you’ll be able to effectively manage both of those emails at the same time? Now multiply that scenario by dozens of emails…When it comes down to it, your inbox might be creating a distracting work environment.

best ways to organize email

“Know Thy Inbox”: The Best Way to Organize Your Email

In his play titled “Prometheus Bound,” the Greek playwright Aeschylus utilized the maxim “know thyself” when the demi-god Oceanus came to reason with Prometheus against his rebellion towards the gods. So why, then, have so many of us strayed from the ancient wisdom of “know thyself” in favor of “hurry up”? Understanding these four types of emails will lay the foundation for your future work, and are the best way to organize email…

email distraction productivity

Distraction vs Productivity: How Email is a Double-Edged Sword

Everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work. We want to prove to our bosses, coworkers, clients, and even our families that we’re competent, hard-working professionals who deserve the things we’ve earned. But sometimes we don’t make the best decisions when it comes to our work day. And since email has the potential to be a productivity distraction, you should keep these 3 things in mind the next time you open your inbox…

collaborative communication online tools

3 Helpful Online Tools for Collaborative Communication

Every day we’re tasked with a variety of assignments we need to complete in order to remain employed, or keep our business running. But as companies grow (and sometimes even when they’re still small) lines of communication break down. Luckily, we now have a plethora of helpful, collaborative, online communication tools that we can access to make working together significantly easier…

take control of your email

The Easiest Way to Take Control of Your Email

Imagine you’re getting into bed, exhausted from a hard day’s work… Then ¡BAM! you’re jolted awake and you ask yourself, staring wide-eyed into your ceiling fan, “did I respond to that email?” If that scenario resonated with you, or it made you sigh in empathetic frustration, you’re not alone. Email anxiety is a real problem many professionals face. But luckily I know the easiest way to take control of your email…