inbox management training course

If organization and proper time management to ensure organizational processes are so important to our ability to do our jobs properly, why aren’t we paying an equal amount of attention to our email as we do our CRM software or an excel spreadsheet? And if email is so important, and there are several features and applications we can incorporate into our email workflow, doesn’t it make sense that we’d want to be trained on how to properly use our email and workflows?  courses too?

how to be more organized emails at work

Minimizing visual clutter isn’t only important for your physical workspace. That’s why it’s important you take the time to keep your digital workspace equally as orderly. Make sure you do the following, and learn how to be more organized with your work emails...

email time waste

Every second counts. We’ve heard this all throughout our lives, and as working professionals, it’s even more valid – particularly if you’re billed hourly. You may not even realize, then, that email is wasting your time. Let me explain...

best practice to organize email

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve probably searched Google for something along the lines of “what are the best practices to organize my emails?” or “how to organize my inbox” and then became overwhelmed with the myriad opinions on what platform is best. That’s why I’ve compiled three simple steps that’ll set you on the right path...

stressed by emails

Some people loved going to school. Maybe not specifically the tests and the homework, but the world of academia as a whole. It’s a place where ideas can be exchanged. A world where you’re exposed to new thoughts and frameworks that challenge you to be a better version of yourself by pushing the boundaries of what you believe through the exploration of what is possible. But no matter where you stand on school, when you get into the real world, you realize that a lot of the same structures and patterns of the educational institution were designed to get you ready for a career, for work...

distracting work environment

Think about this – you’re at work, and you’re looking through your inbox. You’re on the first email, and it’s taking up a lot of your focus, but then another email pops in and it draws you away from what you were doing…do you think you’ll be able to effectively manage both of those emails at the same time? Now multiply that scenario by dozens of emails...When it comes down to it, your inbox might be creating a distracting work environment.

Email Productivity with ARTT™

The ARTT™ Email Productivity Service will help you take control of your inbox and let you decide how YOU want your day to go. No more working against a never-ending email to-do list. It is time for you to master the ARTT™ of email.